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Kripke's Angels

In support of Kripke's Angels

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In support of Kripke's Angels -- female actresses on Supernatural
This community is intended for two purposes:
  1. a place to share news, rumors, fanfiction, fanart, etc. for all of the female actresses that have appeared on Supernatural,
  2. a community of fans who support these women in their future endeavors and/or their roles on the show.

We are supportive of all of the actresses who have graced our show, including Alona Tal, Samantha Ferris, Nicki Aycox, Adrianne Palicki, etc., as well as those who are going to join in the future. Why should the boys have all the fun?

  1. Bashing and/or trolling will not be tolerated. If you want to express an opinion about an actress, that's fine. Be respectful about it. Constructive criticism is the best thing in the world, as is discussion. Don't hate, but feel free to agree to disagree.
  2. Spoilers are allowed. This community is meant for free discussion of the show, so spoilers will be present behind cuts. They may also be in comments and/or the community tags.
  3. Posts are moderated.
  4. Have fun! We're trying to remind you that we love the show, not necessarily what we think the show should be. The Winchesters and the world they live in is the brainchild of Eric Kripke, and our first priority as fans should be to give him his due respect.

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